Finding a Project

Picking projects is hard for me.  I’m not a professional programmer, this is just a hobby.  I love database programming and scripting, but for some reason it’s hard to find a project that I want to work on.  Something I can be passionate about.  So the question is this: what do I love to doing on the computer?  I like to game a bit.  I’m not hardcore or anything.  I’ve played MMOs for the longest time.  I’m not great, I’m ok.  I’m no longer that into the genre any longer.  While spending quite some time over the past years making fun of Minecraft and those who play the game, I’ve actually finally sat down and played it.  I enjoy it much more than I thought I would.  Building is fun, but a Minecraft PVP server is pretty exciting.  So let’s put that down on our list: Minecraft.

What else do I like to do?  Telecom has been my job since I was 18.  Now I run routing and spend quite a bit of time doing analysis work trying to find areas of improvement.  I’ve built an internal website that is used to manage the configuration of our routing.  The site runs on IIS and it written primarily with C# code behinds.  The site has data hooks into a SQL Server database that drives most our configuration and routing.  One of our primary management tools is an Access database.  I’ve been wanting to mothball that behemoth for quite a while.  Deployment and configuration of this tool is a complete nightmare due to all of the ODBC connections that are required.  Creating a native Windows application or making it web based might be just what I need to do for my job and would also fit the bill of ‘side project’ quite nicely.  Noted:  Routing Management Database.

What else?  Should I try to write an app of some sort for a mobile device?  I’d like to, but honestly, I don’t even know what I’d like that would be on my phone.  I’ll need to incubate this one a bit longer…