TextExpander Changes

There have been some really great posts about Smile Software’s change to a monthly billing model for TextExpander. Like many other who have posted, I share the opinion that this isn’t a business model that I’m interested in and I’ll be discontinuing my use of their software. Quite a few companies have adopted this billing model. I think for many users, frustration is starting to peak and it’s starting to reach the tipping point. We’re only willing to pay so much and if more and more companies pursue this model, their users will start to do as I (and many others) have and seek out alternatives. For me, TextExpander is a utility and renting a utility doesn’t seem like a wise choice of where to spend my money.

Smile has motivated customers to consider alternatives. Many of those customers would not have done so under normal circumstances. I beleive the good word-of-mouth advertising they’ve gotten from customers in the past is going to erode and they’ll find these same customers now recommending offerings from their competition. Of course, Smile has the ability to change this strategy (and I somewhat expect they might), but a lot of damage has already been done.

Fortunately, I still have an active license for aText that purchased some time ago that’s still current. I’ve already removed TextExpander and have migrated my snippets over.

If you’re interested in other alternatives, Gabe at Macdrifter has put together a nice short list to check out.

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