Learning Keyboard Maestro

So after posting my opinion on the state of Smile Software and the situation with TextExpander.  I decided that I would back up my big talk with an expedition of trying out some alternatives.  aText is now installed and running fine.  The learning curve on that is literally nothing.  If you’ve used TextExpander, you can can use aText.  Very, very similar.

I’ve also started messing around with some text replacement functionality in Alfred, which I’ve been using for quite some time.  I like this program quite a bit and getting to the hotkey is second nature to me.  Setting up the snippets are really just a matter of setting up simple workflows.

I also bought, downloaded, and installed Keyboard Maestro.  This one is a bit more challenging.  I can see the obvious capabilities, but I’m still trying to get the hang of this one.  There is a lot to learn and I’ve been reading the documentation and watching a lot of Youtube videos.  My first macro was a simple script that logged me into my website via ssh.  It basically just prompted me for my username, opened iTerm, then copied the ssh command with my username.  Pretty simple.  I’m going to keep poking away at this one.  I think this could be a fun one.

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