I read a post from someone whose work I’ve enjoyed for some time.  He’s been in my Twitter feed for a while, in podcasts I’ve enjoyed, and now I read his blog.  I was bummed when the podcast ended, but was happy to see him writing on his new site.  Over the past few weeks, he’s been struggling to keep up with a promise he made to himself of posting something new every day (that’s a tough promise to keep when you work and have a family).  Today was the day he decided to stop writing on the blog.  Not sure what this means for him yet; time will tell.

His journey is somewhat familiar to me and gave me cause to reflect on my own situation.  I’m no writer and this blog has an audience of one (me); so writing here is a bit of an echo chamber.  But I do like programming languages.  I like reading about them, dabbling in the constructs and learning what they can do.  Am I a programmer?  Not even close.  My problem is attention span and focus, or lack of.  One day I’m learning more PHP, then it’s some Perl, then some Python, then some Swift… I think you get the idea.  I know I’ll never become a programmer if I continue to remain this unfocused.  It’s frustrating because I love learning new things.  I’m not going to stop though, I know the skills I have learned by my broken process have helped my career.  I’m not close to being a programmer and that does frustrate me.  My process is broken, but I’m still motivated to keep learning.

The passion is there, but it may be time to alter my process.  🙂

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