A Small Change

At work I spend 100% of my time doing data work on SQL Server.  Run a website on IIS.  And occasionally dabble with Python.  At home, it’s been Macs for the past 10 or so years.  I have a PC that I use for gaming.  But lately I’ve started to use it more and more for hobby projects.  Now I find that I’m spending time doing C# coding in my spare time and am starting to actually enjoy using the PC a bit more again.  Windows 10 is growing on me a bit more than I’d like to admit and I admire the direction Microsoft is moving in.  Since my PC is in the basement, I’ve considered purchasing a new Windows laptop to work on when I’m not at the desktop.  I suppose I could use my work laptop, but I’m not comfortable using work tools for personal use.  You never know what your IT guys see.  But instead, I decided to install Windows on my Macbook Pro.

So far it’s been a pretty smooth experience.  The install went as expected.  Bootcamp was simple enough to figure out and install.  I’ve installed Visual Studio, some text editors, Chrome, etc and all is working fine.  Battery life on the laptop isn’t quite what I had with OS X, but that’s understandable.  The good thing is that my laptop is plugged in most of the time and running out of battery isn’t an issue at all.  All of the hardware works as expected, except for the trackpad in Chrome.  For some reason, scrolling with the trackpad in Chrome is a herky-jerky mess.  Scrolling everywhere else seems fine.

So I’m going to keep test driving this configuration for about as long as I can stand it.  If I had to summarize my Mac/Windows preference, I’d say I have one foot out the door with the back foot reluctantly dragging behind.  I’m still very interested to see what Apple announces at WWDC.  They haven’t made a desktop I care for in quite some time (I’d like to pick out my own monitor thank you) and I’m hoping for some Mac Pro changes that might help get me excited about the platform again (get us better graphic card options and update those damn CPUs!).  Who know’s what we’ll get though, apparently OLED function keys are important now and must have feature we’ve all been waiting for.  Dumb.

Anyway, until then I’ll keep chugging along with this configuration until WWDC and decide what new direction to go in afterwards.

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