XPS, no more…

Well, I got the Dell XPS 13 and it’s going back to the store. It’s not a bad device, but it has issues. I loved the screen, it was every bit as good as anything Apple has ever put out. The specs on the machine were good as well. Battery life wasn’t bad. The only issue I had with the hardware was the F4 key was defective. It would stick and typically would require extra effort to fully press the key down. Usually with an audible click. Probably something that could have been fixed.

The part of the computer I had issues with was the track pad. For the most part it was ok, but scrolling on websites was odd and annoying. When I would scroll down the page using a 2 finger swipe, the page would scroll down until I lifted my fingers and then it would immediately snap up to the previous page location. I would repeat the motion and it would snap back again. Then I would try to change the speed at which I was dragging, but this time it scrolled to the bottom on the page. It would take 2-4 attempts to scroll to the section of the page I wanted. Interestingly, when I would scroll using the touch screen, it worked fine. But alas, I’m not a screen-toucher. I get freaked out by fingerprints on my screens. So the issue seemed like the operating system wasn’t optimized to work with the trackpad. Seems like a little thing, but it’s not. At least not to me. So it’s going back. Not sure about what direction I’ll go in. Likely will just hang out with no portable for a while and wait for the next round of updates from various vendors.

So right now I’m clearing the XPS of all the software and personal info so I can send it back in the morning.

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