Another Experiment

Once again I’m trying something new.  I decided to try the iPad route yesterday.  Why not test it out and see if it’s what I thought it would be.  So far I have to say this it’s not too bad.  They external Apple keyboard is actually not too bad.  I do have to admit that I miss having F keys and an Esc key, but I’ve been able to find work arounds for that in my terminal sessions.  Going fullscreen in apps is actually pretty nice.  I find that I’m a bit more focused on the task at hand.  Task switching is easy enough when I need to do it though.  My other applications are always a command-tab away.  For terminal sessions I’ve been using vssh.  Works pretty well so far.  Vim and all other tools work fine there.  Took a few minutes to figure out what the keyboard shortcuts were for the Esc key.  Tweetbot works fine as well.

Oh, I should mention that I’m using the 12″ iPad.  It’s good, but it is large.  Using it can be a bit awkward at times.  And it’s big enough that using the onscreen keyboard can be pretty much impossible at times.  I’m going to keep testing this out though since I think working on the 9.7 model would be just a bit too small for me and my tired old eyes.

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