Back To Windows…

Well, I finally got tired of waiting for Apple to start updating their hardware and made the decision to move on.  I’m now convinced that Apple has no intention of innovating in the desktop arena.  To me, it’s a decision they’ve clearly adopted and it might work for them financially.  But this long drought of hardware updates has really made me aware of how locked in we are when using Apple’s platforms.  Their commercials have made it clear that they consider the iPad pro to be a suitable desktop replacement.  Many of the people I admire and follow on Twitter have started the adoption path as well.  For them, this might be the right move.  But I know many of these people are now having to alter or recreate workflows that have suited them fine for years.  This seems to me to be a less than ideal situation.  What’s the point?  Maybe I’m just cynical.  Anyway, regardless of how I got to this attitude about Apple and their platform, it’s been clear to me that the PC market continues to produce updated devices with increasing quality.  Microsoft is clearly innovating and turning Windows 10 into a very nice operating system.  It hasn’t been an entirely smooth process for them, but I’ve been impressed with their direction.

Some of the features that I’m liking is the introduction of the Linux Subsystem for Windows.  It’s basically a bash shell based on Ubuntu.  It works pretty good so far and seems like it’s going to get even better as time goes on.  Also, I like to write most of my code in C# and being back on Windows is where that coding should be done obviously.

I’d like to some improvements with the way Microsoft handles security updates.  They clearly want to make sure all systems are updated.  But it would be good if they didn’t just force unexpected restarts on their users.

On the hardware side, after numerous laptop purchases, I’ve settled on a Lenovo T460s laptop with 16Gb of RAM, 512 Gb SDD, and a i7 6600U processor.  I wasn’t sure I’d like this laptop as much as I do due to the dimmer screen, but I have to say this is one well built laptop.  Very solid combined with great performance.  Battery life is pretty good as well.  It’s not in the range of a Macbook, but it’s really very decent.  I’ve never understood why Thinkpad users are such die hard fans of this hardware, but now I’m starting to understand why.  Oh yeah, it’s got a pretty neat keyboard too 🙂

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