iPhone 7

I guess I’m confused why Apple decided it needed to get rid of a standard/ubiquitous port on the new iPhone.  Some will contend that Apple needed the space for something.  Not sure what.  It wasn’t for a speaker.  Even more confusing for me was the fact that they went after an additional cash grab of making the sole port a Lightning port.  Why not USB-C?  It’s a standard, passes power, and already has hubs from Apple and others that would allow people to simultaneously charge and listen to their music.  Just seems to me that if it was time to eliminate the 3.5 port it would also be a good time to eliminate the Lightning port as well and move forward with USB-C…

I won’t be upgrading my iPhone 6 to this new version.  Even if I ignore the port changes, there just isn’t enough for me to justify moving away from my current device.  For camera aficionados, I would imagine the device might be pretty compelling.  Cool camera improvements.

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