Macbook Pro?

So the new Macbook Pros were announced a few weeks ago.  I’m so happy that I decided to move away from Apple.  These laptops are clearly designed for them and not the users.  Aside from the dumb key strip that no one really wants, they’ve managed to price themselves into a tier that will essentially […]

iPhone 7

I guess I’m confused why Apple decided it needed to get rid of a standard/ubiquitous port on the new iPhone.  Some will contend that Apple needed the space for something.  Not sure what.  It wasn’t for a speaker.  Even more confusing for me was the fact that they went after an additional cash grab of […]

Back To Windows…

Well, I finally got tired of waiting for Apple to start updating their hardware and made the decision to move on.  I’m now convinced that Apple has no intention of innovating in the desktop arena.  To me, it’s a decision they’ve clearly adopted and it might work for them financially.  But this long drought of […]

Another Experiment

Once again I’m trying something new.  I decided to try the iPad route yesterday.  Why not test it out and see if it’s what I thought it would be.  So far I have to say this it’s not too bad.  They external Apple keyboard is actually not too bad.  I do have to admit that […]

XPS, no more…

Well, I got the Dell XPS 13 and it’s going back to the store. It’s not a bad device, but it has issues. I loved the screen, it was every bit as good as anything Apple has ever put out. The specs on the machine were good as well. Battery life wasn’t bad. The only […]

New Laptop Ordered (Dude, I bought a Dell!)

Bought a Dell XPS 13 today.  I’ve been messing with this laptop at MicroCenter and have been pretty impressed with it so far.  So I splurged today and decided to go with the i7 chip, 16 Gig RAM, 1TB SSD.  Only time will tell if this is a mistake but I’m prepared to live with […]

Switch to Windows…. continued

The move to Windows continues.  I’m currently prepping my 3 Mac laptops for sale.  Regardless of what they come out with in WWDC, it’s time for me to move some of this old hardware out.  Wiping and reinstalling the OSs now.  Will be selling the following: 11″ Late 2010 3,1 Macbook Air – 1.4GHz Core […]

A Small Change

At work I spend 100% of my time doing data work on SQL Server.  Run a website on IIS.  And occasionally dabble with Python.  At home, it’s been Macs for the past 10 or so years.  I have a PC that I use for gaming.  But lately I’ve started to use it more and more […]


I read a post from someone whose work I’ve enjoyed for some time.  He’s been in my Twitter feed for a while, in podcasts I’ve enjoyed, and now I read his blog.  I was bummed when the podcast ended, but was happy to see him writing on his new site.  Over the past few weeks, […]