Mac Pro! Huh? What Was I Thinking?

So last week I did something dumb and bought a refurbished Mac Pro. I bought it knowing full well that these systems are already a bit dated and likely due for an update. I thought about getting the iMac, but I’m not an all-in-one system type. My wife currently has the 5k iMac and the […]

Learning Keyboard Maestro

So after posting my opinion on the state of Smile Software and the situation with TextExpander.  I decided that I would back up my big talk with an expedition of trying out some alternatives.  aText is now installed and running fine.  The learning curve on that is literally nothing.  If you’ve used TextExpander, you can […]

TextExpander Changes

There have been some really great posts about Smile Software’s change to a monthly billing model for TextExpander. Like many other who have posted, I share the opinion that this isn’t a business model that I’m interested in and I’ll be discontinuing my use of their software. Quite a few companies have adopted this billing […]

Windows Running Ubuntu/Bash

This is pretty cool.  I have to admit that this makes Windows a bit more enticing for developers.  I’ve always believed that it was the Unix tools on OS/X that drew developers to that system.  I think a lot of developers may migrate back to Windows if Microsoft continues to develop and support this.  Will […]

Migrating Away from Dreamhost

I’ve been on Dreamhost since 2006 and they’ve always been perfect for what I’ve needed.  And they still are.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a website launched. However, I’ve had an itch to learn more about hosting a Linux server that I would setup and maintain on my own.  Over the […]

Finding a Project

Picking projects is hard for me.  I’m not a professional programmer, this is just a hobby.  I love database programming and scripting, but for some reason it’s hard to find a project that I want to work on.  Something I can be passionate about.  So the question is this: what do I love to doing on […]