Macbook Pro?

So the new Macbook Pros were announced a few weeks ago.  I’m so happy that I decided to move away from Apple.  These laptops are clearly designed for them and not the users.  Aside from the dumb key strip that no one really wants, they’ve managed to price themselves into a tier that will essentially […]

Back To Windows…

Well, I finally got tired of waiting for Apple to start updating their hardware and made the decision to move on.  I’m now convinced that Apple has no intention of innovating in the desktop arena.  To me, it’s a decision they’ve clearly adopted and it might work for them financially.  But this long drought of […]

A Small Change

At work I spend 100% of my time doing data work on SQL Server.  Run a website on IIS.  And occasionally dabble with Python.  At home, it’s been Macs for the past 10 or so years.  I have a PC that I use for gaming.  But lately I’ve started to use it more and more […]

Mac Pro! Huh? What Was I Thinking?

So last week I did something dumb and bought a refurbished Mac Pro. I bought it knowing full well that these systems are already a bit dated and likely due for an update. I thought about getting the iMac, but I’m not an all-in-one system type. My wife currently has the 5k iMac and the […]

Windows Running Ubuntu/Bash

This is pretty cool.  I have to admit that this makes Windows a bit more enticing for developers.  I’ve always believed that it was the Unix tools on OS/X that drew developers to that system.  I think a lot of developers may migrate back to Windows if Microsoft continues to develop and support this.  Will […]