A Small Change

At work I spend 100% of my time doing data work on SQL Server.  Run a website on IIS.  And occasionally dabble with Python.  At home, it’s been Macs for the past 10 or so years.  I have a PC that I use for gaming.  But lately I’ve started to use it more and more […]

Learning Keyboard Maestro

So after posting my opinion on the state of Smile Software and the situation with TextExpander.  I decided that I would back up my big talk with an expedition of trying out some alternatives.  aText is now installed and running fine.  The learning curve on that is literally nothing.  If you’ve used TextExpander, you can […]

TextExpander Changes

There have been some really great posts about Smile Software’s change to a monthly billing model for TextExpander. Like many other who have posted, I share the opinion that this isn’t a business model that I’m interested in and I’ll be discontinuing my use of their software. Quite a few companies have adopted this billing […]