My Linux Wishlist

A few things that would make my Linux adoption project much smoother.

  • Decent OpenVPN Tools
  • Good Microsoft Exchange Email Client

Of these two, OpenVPN is the most critical.  Can’t get into my corporate VPN without it.  Having to remote into a VM on the network for now.  A bit of a pain.

The Exchange Web Email client isn’t the worst.  But it sure would be nice to see something that just worked.  I found a few but they either cost money or are incomplete.  Luckily, Microsoft does have a good web based client.

[Update] Got a bit closer on the VPN front today.  Was able to finally connect to the corporate VPN today.  Can reach IPs, but DNS is a bit wonky.  I’ve got a lead on a script that will alter the DNS after you log in.  We’re getting there.

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